ATEN Full HD HDMI over Ip Extender Receiver Unit (VE8900T)

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The ATEN VE8900T Video over IP Transmitter delivers visually lossless 1080p AV signals with low latency over long distance via a local network of standard Gigabit network switch.


Lightweight Compression with Ultra-low Latency

  • Delivers visually lossless high-quality video up to 1080p @ 60 Hz
  • Ensures stunning quality video using ATEN advanced video lossless compression technology
  • EDID Expert™ selects the optimum EDID settings for smooth power-up, high-quality display and the best video resolution across different screens
  • Offers different levels of video compression rate including Smooth, Balance, and High Quality for users to choose depending on practical usage

Limitless Scalability and Flexibility

  • Extends AV connections from a simple point-to-point to a multi-point to multi-point setup via LAN without distance limitations
  • Offers multi-functionality in extender, splitter, matrix switch, video wall and daisy chain applications
  • Mix and match the latest 4K displays and 1080p screens. The built-in scaler automatically scales up incoming video signal to match the maximum resolution of the connected display devices*

Collaboration with ATEN Control System

  • Integrated solution – Compatible with ATEN Control System, allowing users to directly operate VE8900R via CLI Telnet or RS-232 protocol
  • Effortless operation – One click to effectively operate VE Manager, TV, projector, source player, and related equipments via touch panel and keypad


Video Input:

  • Interfaces: 1 x HDMI Type A Female (Black)
  • Impedance: 100 Ώ
  • Distance: 3 m (2L-7D03H)


  • Data Rate: Average: 150 ~ 500Mbps
  • Compliance: HDMI, HDCP Compatible
  • Resolutions / Distance: Up to 1080p@100m (Cat 5e/6, point to point)



  • 1 x HDMI Type A Female (Black)
  • 1 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Green)


  • Unit To Unit: 2 x RJ-45 Female
  • Power: 1 x DC Jack (Black) with locking


  • IR: 1 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Black)
  • RS-232: 1 x Terminal Block, 3 pole, Baud Rate: 19200, Data Bits:8, Stop Bits:1, no parity and flow control
  • USB: 2 x USB Type A Female (Black)