Cooler Master CP01 Gateron Red RGB Gaming Control Keypad

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Innovative new control method for gamers, creative professionals, musicians and everyone in between. Designed as a passion project from the ground up, ControlPad aims to change the way we interact with games and applications by combining mechanical switches with pressure sensitive technology.


Aimpad technology for seamless control

ControlPad comes outfitted with exclusive Aimpad technology, which uses a combination of IR sensors and mechanical switches to effectively imbue your keypad with all the analog powers of your favorite peripherals. Make slight adjustments or course corrections in game minus the jerky tapping of traditional keyboards, and get fine-tuned movement in your WASD fingertips. With ControlPad, you now have no excuse to toss your rarely-used steering wheels, controllers and joysticks.

Endless potential for both work and play

ControlPad has the potential to provide quick, intuitive controls across multiple applications.


Creative professionals on the other hand, can utilize ControlPad across a number of production and editing software for more intuitive control over vital apps. Adjust brush size, thickness, and opacity - or quickly pan and scan across multiple frames of video. With ControlPad, the possibilities are truly endless. Don't see your application or hotkeys? No problem. Easily customize and make your own with just a few clicks. Customize your own hotkeys for your most used applications. Make production and editing applications more intuitive and useful on the fly. Apply presets, switch tools, adjust opacity - thickness, brush size, and more. Press key halfway down to start cropping. After making your selection, press key all the way down to apply the crop.

Take control with precision wheels

Adjust your volume, dial in your DPI, change colors, and more. With two Precision Wheels, the MK850 Keyboard becomes your command center for your entire setup.

Illuminate your keys with rgb backlighting

As always, we've implemented RGB backlighting into all the keys - but it's not just for show. With presets, you can easily highlight specific keys according to your application - bumping the intuitive factor on the ControlPad up to 11.