D-Link 140-watt redundant power supply (DPS-500A)

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R 7,222.06


  • The DPS-500A redundant power supply (RPS) is designed to conform to the wattage requirements of D-Link’s Ethernet and Gigabit switches.
  •  They are external RPS units enclosed in solid metal cases with sockets to AC or DC power sources on one end and connect to a switch’s internal power supply on the other end.
  • They provide a low-cost, simple solution to the problem of an inadvertent failure of the internal power-supply of an Ethernet switch, which can result in the shutdown of that switch, the devices attached to its ports, or an entire network.
  • Supporting full output power for the switch, this redundant power supply can maximize the power availability of the switching device.


  • Can be installed as stand-alone power supply units or mounted in 19-inch multi-slot chassis.
  • Hot-swappable when installed in chassis.
  • Up to 140 watts output power.
  • Provide backup power for switch’s built-in power supply.