Eaton Extended 5 Year Warranty (ELP650/800/1200)

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R 1,560.00

This service gives you a peace of mind for 3 years in addition to the standard warranty of the product. During this period, the product is covered by a standard exchange. Shipping costs covered by Eaton. This offer covers both electronic parts and batteries. Professional helpline.


  • Warranty+3 Product Line B
  • Designed to P/N: 103006458-6591, 5P650I, 5S1000I, 5S1500I, 5SC500I, 5SC750, 5SC750I, EBAB03, EBAB04, EBAB05, EBAB19, EBAB21, EBAB22, EL1200USBDIN, EL1200USBFR, EL1200USBIEC, EL1600USBDIN, EL1600USBFR, EL1600USBIEC, ELP1200DIN, ELP1200FR, ELP1200IEC, ELP650DIN, ELP650FR, ELP650IEC, ELP850DIN, ELP850FR, ELP850IEC, MBP3KI, MBP3KIB, MBP3KID, MBP3KIF, MBP3KIH
  • Warranties can only be bought and registered within 30 days of hardware purchase. This will be a WEB Warranty and once placed cannot be cancelled or returned as it will be registered for that particular client (+/- 3 days to get the certificate) - no exceptions!