HP 90W Slim Combo w/USB Adapter SA (H6Y84AA)

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R 2,651.00

  • HP 90W Slim Combo Adapter with USB for current and legacy devices with three interchangeable tips that include 4.5 (Smart), 7.4 mm (Smart), and Ultrabook (non-Smart) connectors for use with a range of HP Business Notebooks and Ultrabooks.
  • Compatible with HP ProBook 470 G2, HP EliteBook 455 G2, HP ProBook 450 G2, HP ProBook 430 G2, HP EliteBook 825 G2, HP Elitebook 845 G2, HP 255 G3, HP 250 G3, HP Chromebook 14, HP 255 G2, HP 250 G2, HP Revolve 810 G2, HP Spectre 13 Pro, HP Spectre x2, HP EliteBook 1040, HP ZBook 14, HP ZBook 15, HP ZBook 17, HP ProBook 470 G1, HP ProBook 450 G1, HP ProBook 655 G1, HP ProBook 650 G1, HP ProBook 645 G1, HP ProBook 640 G1, HP Elitebook 820 G1, HP Elitebook 850 G1, HP Elitebook 840 G1, HP ProBook 430 G1, HP ProBook 455 G1, HP ProBook 450 G0, HP ProBook 470 G0, HP 255 G1, HP 250 G1, HP Revolve 810 G1, HP mt40, HP 9470m, Spectre XP, 2570p, 2170p, 8770w, 8570w, 8470w, 8570p, 8470p, 6475b, 6470b, 6570b, 4340s, 4540s, 4545s, 4740s, HP 655, HP 650, Folio 13, 2760p, 2560p, 8760w, 8560w, 8560p, 8460p, 6465b, 6560b, 6460b, 6360b, 4330s, 4530s, 4535s, 4730s, HP 630, HP 635, 2740p, 2540p, 8740w, 8540w, 8540p, 8440p, 6555b, 6550b, 6450b, 6545b, 6540b, 6440b, 5320m, 5310m, 4320s