HP USB-C to USB-A Hub (Z6A00AA)

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Optimize your workspace with easy connectivity to your frequently-used accessories in the office and on the road. Convert your notebook or tablet’s USB-C port to a portable, lightweight USB hub and enable simultaneous connections to up to three USB accessories with the HP USB-C to USB-A Hub.

Simply plug the attached USB-C cable into any available USB-C port on your device, and the hub is ready for your USB accessories.

Charge your cell phone with the hub’s USB 3.0 charging port and use the other two USB ports to connect to your external storage, keyboard, mouse, headset, optical drive, and more.

Wrap the attached USB cable around the hub for convenient transport or storage alongside your tablet or notebook.

Key Specifications:

  • Description: USB-C to USB-A 
  • Minimum Dimensions: 6.68 x 4.14 x 1.05 cm
  • Weight: 36.5 grams