HUAWEI 4G Dongle E3372 (No Wi-Fi)

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HUAWEI E3372h-320 LTE USB Stick as a high-speed network access terminal product.

It is a multi-mode wireless terminal for SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) and business professionals, in order to meet the requirement from different operators.

The smallest LTE cat4 dongle of the world:

  • Friendly shapes, Natural, and comfortable feel.
  • Automatic USB connector, High-quality experience.
  • Smile language, unique icon.

The more stably High speed:

  • HI link performance more advanced.
  • Support LTE Category 4.
  • With 150Mbps download stably speed.

Support Double External Antenna Interface:

  • It will improve performance, especially in some bad signal covered area.
  • More convenient, increasing user experience.