Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 Pro Mesh Router (3 Pack Hybrid)

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R 4,180.00

HUAWEI’s 5 GHz Mesh Wi-Fi and Gigabit power line communication technology with the HUAWEI chip supporting PLC Turbo, are applied between the routers for a theoretical download rate up to 1867 Mbps with hybrid networking. HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro effectively ensures a high-speed home network.
Four high-performance broadened antennas are reasonably located after precise testing, ideal to reduce the interference of the same frequency. The LDPC weak signal correction algorithm is also used to keep you fast after through walls.
  • HUAWEI Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System            
  • Base: 1 x GE WAN, 2 x GE LAN
  • Satellite: 1 x GE LAN
  • H button for one-key pairing and WPS compatible
  • 11ac 2 x 2 & 802.11n 2 x 2 MU-MIMO, 1167 Mbps
  • AC 100 - 240 V, consumption < 24 W
  • Connect up to 64 Simultaneous devices of each unit (192 users of 3 units)
  • White in colour
  • Anti-brute force algorithms, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK Wi-Fi encryption, firewall DMZ, PAP / CHAP, DMZ / DoS attack protection
  • 1 Gbps PLC connection
  • Support HUAWEI PLC Turbo technology
  • HUAWEI Smart Home App