Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear Eastmoon (Ladies)

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R 4,705.02


The Debut Collection

Combining the trendy design of GENTLE MONSTER and intelligent technology of HUAWEI, this eyewear provides you an extraordinary visual and wearing experience unlike any other. A versatile selection, including 3 types of optical glasses1 and 2 types of sunglasses, satisfies your imaginations in different occasions.

The Advanced Boutique

The advanced technology and craftsmanship enable you to enjoy the stylish look and comfortable lightweight wearing experience. Adopting the stacking method, the integrated glass frames utilise various features inside while still achieve the IP67 level water and dust resistant.

Born to Hear

Dual speakers and semi-open design let you immerse in the vibrant and layered sound field and embrace the impressive audio clarity. The unique audio cavity fosters directional sound beams, minimising sound leaks to protect your privacy.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Achieving linear beam noise reduction on dual microphones of each slim temple, this exclusive industry design is a great success of maintaining the audio clarity during communications. Enhanced by the AI speech noise-reduction technology, you will always be heard easily.

New Style of Charging

Charging has never been so convenient and elegant. The exquisite leathery spectacles case is specially designed as a wireless charger. Put it into the case correctly, then charging starts.

he Power Monster

A single charge could guarantee HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear to make calls or play music for more than 2.5 hours. Put it into the battery built-in case for multiple charging, the playtime can last for 8 hours in total.

Smart Control, Delicate Care

Wearing it at different time, you will be offered with humanized greetings. Answer or end calls, play, or pause playbacks with a simple double-tap. Built-in sophisticated sensors team up for the automatic audio control. It will pause music once you put it down or resume playback in 3 min after you put it on.