Kingston 16GB USB 3.0 DataTraveler SE9 G2 (Metal Casing)

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R 107.38

  • Fast: USB 3.0 speeds to save time when transferring, sharing or storing files. Read Speed: 100 MB/s and Write Speed: 15 MB/s.
  • Compact: Capless ultra-small form factor to fit any mobile lifestyle.
  • Durable: Fashionable metal casing design with a sturdy key ring.
  • Co-logo programme available: Customise Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash drives by adding your logo and/or digital files, and instantly increase your organisation’s brand recognition. The Customisation Programme offers unique packaging, custom profiles, colour adjustments, content loading and more, all with easy and convenient ordering.
  • Guaranteed: Five-year warranty, free technical support.