Poly APT-31 Electronic Hook Switch - Avaya GmBh Tenovis (Savi, CS500 series) OLI Support

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Electronic Hook Switch Cable for remote desk phone call control (answer/end). This cable eliminates the need for a HL10 Handset Lifter. This cable works with Tenovis desk phones and may work with additional manufacturers.


  • Savi 700 Series: W745, W740, W730, W720, W710, W740-M, W730-M
  • CS500 Series: CS540, CS540/HL10, CS530, CS530/HL10, CS520, CS520/HL10, CS510, CS510/HL10
  • MDA200
  • Savi Office: WO100, WO101, WO201, WO300, WO350