Poly HW540D - Encore Pro Digital Monaural Convertible Wideband Headset (Noise Cancelling)

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R 1,560.00

Designed for use in customer service centers, the HW540D Encore Pro 500 Convertible Monaural Headset from Plantronics features the DA90 USB audio processor and Plantronics Manager Pro software to give administrators the ability to track a variety of details about each device. Plantronics Manager Pro software (sold separately) also gives IT the ability to monitor and manage an entire fleet of headsets to ensure all headsets are functioning properly. Once configured, the headset offers improved comfort with a flexible boom and a soft, breathable ear cushion that allows it to be worn for extended periods of time. Wideband audio, SoundGuard hearing protection, and enhanced noise cancellation capabilities ensure both sent and received audio come through clearly.

  • Choice of three comfortable and easily switchable wearing styles—over-the-ear, over-the-head or behind-the-neck—to serve the breadth of user preferences
  • Elegant, super-lightweight, robust design and soft audio-optimized ear cushion provide all-day comfort
  • Next-generation custom microphone reduces background noise and interference, ensuring fewer
  • missed words and a better caller experience
  • Visual boom position guide makes it easy to establish optimum mic placement
  • Tuned wideband audio delivers richer, clearer conversations while SoundGuard technology
  • protects users’ hearing and listening fatigue
  • Quick Disconnect feature provides walkaway convenience and compatibility with all Plantronics
  • USB and desk phone audio processors and direct connect cables

EncorePro headsets require a Plantronics audio processor or direct connect cable to connect to phone, or USB audio processor to connect to computer.