Poly Voyager B335 System - Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Base (Voyager Legend, Monaural)

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Plantronics Voyager Legend CS Bluetooth Headset B335

Plantronics Voyager Legend CS Bluetooth Headset B335 is the replacement for the Voyager 510S. It works with desk phone and mobile / tablet. As the headset is Bluetooth, it’s one of the very few that can be used in & outside the office and is ideal for staff that spend some time in the office and some visiting clients. It’s basically the hugely innovative and popular Legend Bluetooth headset plus a base unit to connect to a desk phone.

If you’re looking to answer calls (from your office phone) away from your desk you’ll need a HL10 handset lifter or an Electronic Hook Switch depending on the phone you have (call our staff for assistance). This device fits on your telephone base and lifts the hand piece up or down when you push a button on your headset, letting you answer and hang up on calls from anywhere in the office. A handset lifter for this headset is available separately, or as a great value pack.


  • Gain mobility – multitask, hands-free up to 10m
  • One headset for your deskphone and your mobile
  • Just put the headset on to answer a call*
  • Voice controls for mobile phone
  • Triple layer mics and Windsmart filters give the best possible quality sound outside the office
  • *Use with Electronic Hookswitch Cable or Handset Lifter to remotely answer/end desk phone calls