Port MANHATTAN Top loading 14/15.6"

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  • Manhattan Toploading Backfile is part of our professional bag range. The extreme sturdiness of this bag ensures optimal protection for your laptop. This toploading bag means that your laptop is inserted from the top of the bag. Easy to insert, your computer is secured with Velcro.
  • As an additional feature to the classic Manhatten Toploading bag, the Backfile model has an extra compartment, allowing you to carry all your documents, as well as your belongings. Its modern and popular style was developed by our designers in our creative studio in Paris.
  • Manhattan has a padded interior compartment and EVA half-frame protection, providing optimal security for your laptop. You will also find a compartment for tablets up to 10.1''.
  • A removable and adjustable carrying strap means you can transport items with ease, leaving you free to use both hands.
  • The metal buckle used to secure the carrying strap can support a load of up to 70 kg, making it virtually unbreakable.
  • Our designers have also worked on the ergonomics of the carrying handle, making it more suitable for heavy loads. The handle is also reinforced with metal rivets.
  • The lifetime warranty ensures you share our feelings when selling you this product and our belief that it is sturdy, reliable and durable!